Kindergarten Programming

The kindergarten program at Saint Scholastica School is an all-day adventure.  This adventure is rooted in a faith based academic curriculum.  We work on spiritual development and the social emotional development of the children while building a foundation of academic excellence.

Our academic program includes instruction in Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  The children also enjoy time in Art, Music, Comuter Lab, and Physical Education.

Our Religion program is developmental and is based on scripture and rooted in the teachings of our Catholic faith.

Our Language Arts program focuses on phonemic awareness, sight words, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, handwriting, parts of speech, writing, and elements of a story.

The Math program focuses on geometrical shapes, beginning addition and subtraction, and counting to one hundred by ones, fives, and tens.  We also work on time, money, measurement and place value.

Science and Social Studies are unit based and many of the units come from our reading series.  Some of the units we work on are weather, seasons, space, the Antarctic, baby animals, our five senses, and community helpers.