Staff Directory


Principal – Miss Elizabeth Driscoll (extension 101)


Administrative Assistant – Ms. Alison Gosewehr (extension 100)


Secretary – Ms. Marianne Carcerano (extension 106)


Grades K-5 Faculty

Kindergarten – Mrs. Julie Vesely (extension 350)


Kindergarten Teacher Aide – Mrs. Angie Kesterson


First – Mrs. Mary Ann Missak (extension 351)


First Grade Teacher Aide – Mrs. Jane Gorecki


Second – Mrs. Tammy Kozar (extension 352)


Second Grade Teacher Aide – Mrs. Samantha Zielinski


Third – Mrs. Lynda Wagner (extension 353)


Fourth Homeroom and 4th and 5th Social Studies

                          Ms. Amy Yusko (extension 354)


Fifth Homeroom and 4th and 5th Science

                          Mrs. Mary Ann Krasno (extension 355)


Jr. High Faculty

Sixth Homeroom and 6-8 Social Studies

                          Mrs. Barbara Knierim (extension 356)


Seventh Homeroom and 6-8 Science

                          Mr. Mark Hodges (extension 357)


Eighth Homeroom and 5-8 MathB

                          Mr. Adriano Cosentino (extension 358)


5-8 MathA – Mrs. Gloria Huezo (extension 360)


Language Arts – Mrs. Debbie Smorczewski (extension 359)



Art/Third Grade Teacher Aide – Mrs. Chris Brashaw (extension 363)


Physical Education – Mrs. Janice Majich (extension 362)


Music/Band – Ms. Vanessa Lostumbo (extension 361)


Librarian/Tech Coordinator – Mrs. Barbara Stance (extension 105)


Language Arts Resource – Mrs. Eileen Quinn