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ELA Work for the Week of 3/13-3/17

6th Grade: The 6th grade class will continue to explore Chapter 15 Grammar rules regarding verbs and verb forms. We will be tackling some of the trickier rules and common misconceptions, such as lie/lay, who/whom, and irregular verb forms. The class will also be discussing format for the students’ outlines and reference lists for their research paper. Students have been making excellent progress with their research assignments so far!

Homework for the week: 

- 10 more note cards due Thursday (should have 25 total)

- Grammar p. 137/138 due Friday

- DOL Quiz Friday


7th Grade: The 7th grade class will be continuing to explore the various types of figurative language. We will explore personification, anthropomorphism, and analyze figurative language in songs and poems. The class has also be analyzing specific parts of an essay. We have discussed thesis statements, hooks, introductions, and topic sentences. This week we will be looking at closing sentences and conclusions. The students will continue to work on creating an expository essay piece by piece, following the structure we have discussed in class.

Homework for the Week:

- Vocabulary Boggle Week 3 due Thursday

- type draft of expository essay due Friday (written in class, and then to just be typed at home)

- Article of the Week: Sending Man to the Moon due Friday

- DOL Quiz on Friday

8th Grade: The 8th grade class will be exploring figurative language. We will look at hyperbole, onomatopoeia, idioms, oxymorons, irony, and personification. The students will also look at how to formulate a thesis statement and using closing sentences as a transition between paragraphs in an essay.

Homework for the Week:
- Introduction paragraph for expository topic of student choice due Wednesday
- Vocabulary Boggle Week 2 due Thursday

- Article of the Week: Sending Man to Space due Friday

- DOL Quiz on Friday